"The Burning Skies is writed by: SupCom Josh

The Burning Skies is a Fan-Fic Roleplay, it follows one of Spartan 4150's Missions.

It is also a prequel to one of my upcoming novels... called Halo: Hell from Above

Act 0: IntroEdit

Narrator: War... War is nothing good... blood flying everywhere... seen your best friends being killed... War... War is one thing that is horrible... but this is not an Average War, this is a War between a Collection of Alien Species called the Covenant, the date is June 21st, 2550, battle after battle after battle a war that has been going on longer than any War... this is the Story of a Bloody Battle for the Colony Planet in the Outer Rim, Geblius 12

Narrator: The Skies were filled with Pelicans and Banshees firing at each other, blood was raining from the skies, I was on board the U.N.S.C Marathon-Class Carrier, FIRE-DAWN, My name is Spartan Corporal Josh #4150, I lead a Squad of O.N.I. ODSTs (Orbital Drop Shock Troopers) down below to escort a Convoy Out of Heavy Fire, but when we enter the Atmosphere, we were shot down by Covenant Anti-Aircraft Battery, I was the only one who survived the Crash... My Mission was alot more harder than expected now.

Act 1: Rally Point DeltaEdit