The Brutes is the 5th level in the game, Halo The Covenant.

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  • Starting
    • Plasma Rifle
    • Fuel Rod Gun
  • Wieldable
    • Needler
    • Plasma Pistol
    • Plasma Rifle
    • Carbine
    • Spiker
    • Brute Shot
    • Energy Sword
    • Gravity Hammer
    • Energy Staff
    • Beam Rifle
  • Support
    • Plasma Cannon
    • Assault Cannon


  • Drivable
    • Wraiths
    • Banshees
    • Ghosts
    • Shades
  • Non-Drivable
    • Phantoms


  • Loyalists
    • Brutes
      • Brute Infantry
      • Brute Captains
      • Brutes (Jumppack)
      • Brute Stalkers
      • Brute Chieftain x1
      • Brute War Chieftains x3
    • Grunts
      • Grunt Infantry
      • Grunt Kamikazes
    • Jackal
      • Jackal Infantry
      • Jackal Specialists
    • Hunters
      • Hunter Specialists x2


When the level opens, Abu is on the shore of the previous level. Two Banshees land, and Abu and Cojty take the Banshees while the rest provide supporting fire from a Phantom. When they get to the Cartographer Building after fighting several Banshee squads it is heavily defended by a War Chieftain with a Fuel Rod Gun, a Shade, and a Wraith. Abu and his team must clear the entrance before going in. After this, the door to the Cartographer opens and they proceded inward. Abu and his team then fight their way downward, fighting Covenant including another War Chieftain and a Hunter pair. After this, they encounter a Brute Chieftain at the Map Room itself. They kill him and his bodygaurds and activate the Map Room. It reveals the location of the Control Room. After the death of the Chieftain, Covenant reinforcements enter the building lead by a War Chieftain, Abu and his team fight their way out. Once out, a UNSC ship comes through slipspace and crashes on the island, it is then revealed that it is infested with Flood.

  • Take a Banshee to the Cartographer building.
  • Eliminate enemy resistance outside of the building.
  • Get to the lower levels.
  • Find the Map Room.
  • Return to the surface for extraction.