Intel Edit

  • Race: Sangheili
  • Height: 8'04"
  • Weight: 317.7 lbs.
  • Rank: Field Mistress
  • Notable Battles
    • First Battle of Installation 02
    • Second Battle of Installation 02
    • Battle of Sangheilios
    • Battle of Installation 03
    • Battle of Installation 06
    • Battle of Installation 07

General Information Edit

Sivvy recieved the swordsman genes of her father. When she was coming of age, she tried to sneak onboard a military vessel. She was caught, and asked if she could serve in the military. They asked what use she could be, and she demonstrated on the battlefield later that day with superior swordsman skills. She killed three Brute Captains with her blade and came out of the battle unscathed. She rose in the ranks quickly, by the time of the First Battle of Installation 02 she was a Field Mistress and XO of the Divine Ascension.

Physical Edit

Ten'kas is about the average height of an Elite Female, but has slightly more muscular build than most.

Mental Edit

She has a warlike state of mind, intent on killing the Covenant and stopping the war and making peace once and for all.

Trivia Edit

  • Selket is voiced by actress Milla Jovovich.