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The Battle of Installation 04 is an RP (and apparently the first) on this wikia. It is about the actual Battle of Installation 04 in the Halo Universe. It will follow the events of the Battle from the boarding of the Pillar of Autumn to the destruction of Installation 04 itself. The battle will lead on with the humans and the Covenant and the Flood fighting in intense combat. Through every mission and every backstory alongisde the main story.

Participants (so far)Edit


  • 1: The User can be either a human, or a member of the Covenant. But only certain Covenant species can be used.
  • 2: No godmodding, if you can do something beyond the capabilities from that species, the text will be erased.
  • 3: The User cannot skip to the next day/mission of the Battle of Installation 04 without contacting me.
  • 4: Do not make more than 3 edits before somebody else can make a section/paragraph.
  • 5: It is unavalible as an option to play as a flood unit.
  • 6: It is unavailible to be a Sentinel in this Roleplay
  • 7: The Covenant Species playable are listed bellow.
  • 8: This RP is first and third person. First Person (I awoke, the slient wind of the night passed my face). Or Third Person (Jake leapt out of the building, he landed flat on his face). If your a third person character, you must have a name.

Availible Covenant SpeciesEdit

  • Unngoy (Grunt)
  • Kig-Yar (Jackal)
  • Sang 'helli (Elite)

Lekgolo are unavailible as they are too strong and overpowered.

Hurogok are unavalible as they are non-violent and rarely seen.

Availible UNSC UnitsEdit

  • Marines
  • ODSTs
  • Crewmembers

Character ListEdit

People who want to join the RP, sign this page.



  • Species/Race: Kig-Yar (Jackal)
  • Rank: Sniper
  • Weapons: Covenant Carbine, Beam Rifle, Kig-Yar Defence Gauntlet
  • First appearence:Assault on the Pillar of Autumn (not seen by Master Chief or in Halo:The Flood, to anwser NCF questions).