Intel Edit

  • Race: Jiralhanae
  • Height: 8'11"
  • Weight: 1,137.0 lbs.
  • Rank: Brute Chieftain (Chieftain Minor)
  • Notable Battles
    • None

History Edit

In his early history, Matthius and Hankus were good friends. Matthius participated in many battles with Hankus as his protege. When Hankus became Chieftain, Matthius helped him adapt to his new position. Because he was good friends with a Pack Chieftian, he often had command over higher ranking brutes, because they new if they disobeyed him, Hankus could simply override their refusal. He was killed by Abu and Jod during the Second Battle of Installation 02.

Physical Edit

Massive for a Jiralhanae, Matthius could scatter his opponents like nine-pins. He was slow for one though, and this proved as a disadvantage when fighting tiny Abu, who easily outmanuevered and defeated him with the help of Jod.

Mental Edit

He was often weak minded, easily corrupted by Hankus into doing his bidding. Hankus used this to his advantage. He often attacked first and asked questions later.


  • Matthius