Intel Edit

  • Race: Jiralhanae
  • Height: 8'05"
  • Weight: 1,119.0 lbs.
  • Rank: Brute Pack Chieftain (Chieftain Ultra)
  • Notable Battles
    • First Battle of Installation 02 - War Chieftain (Chieftain Major)
    • Second Battle of Installation 02 - Pack Chieftain (Chieftain Ultra)

General Information Edit

Hankus was always a shorter, huskier Brute. His father before him was Chieftain, and so, when he died during the Second Battle of Earth, he passed down his title to his son, Hankus.

Hankus rose in the Chieftain ranks fast. He fought in the first battle of Installaiton 02 as a War Chieftain. He preferred the Energy Sword, which is unusual for a Brute. Upon conquering a Separatist Encampment, he was promoted to Pack Chieftain, but he wore his old Chieftain Minor armor instead of donning new armor, why this is is unknown. He was killed by Abu 'Arian, whom he humiliated many years ago.

Physical Edit

Hankus is very short for the average 8'09" standard height of a Brute, and also weight significantly less. He is, however, highly more agile than an average Brute because of his small size and light weight. He has worked his way to the top of the food chain of Brute society and has gained a great deal of respect from his subordinates, such as Matthius.

Mental Edit

Hankus is, however, very head strong, and sometimes takes his position and the way others think of him for granted. This was proven so when he assumed he had won when fighting Abu, but he was killed because of his ego getting ahold of him.

Trivia Edit

  • Hankus is the only named Pack Chieftain.
  • Hankus is the only Brute weilding an Energy Sword in Halo The Covenant.
  • Hankus is the only Brute Chieftain of the Pack that has fought in a ground engagement.