Halo: The Tower is an FPS that takes place in the Halo Universe. It takes place during the events of Halo 2.

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  • Developed By: BUNGIE
  • Game Modes: Campaign/Multiplayer/Xbox Live/Forge
  • Players: 1-4

Campaign Edit

The Campaign revolves around a human Marine named Michael Gomez, a private of the UNSC, and his squad. The story takes place on an Uncharted world later to be known as Ulos, and is told throughout the course of twelve Campaign Levels, and one large cutscene finale level. They are as follows.

Levels Edit

  • 01. Landing - Come on down, the planet's not fine.
  • 02. Attack of the Horak - Head through the river, into the trap.
  • 03. The Alliance - Team up with the covenant, limited warranty.
  • 04. The Lab - The research lab is here, get through the labyrinth and get to the tower.
  • 05. The Tower - Finally the destination is here, secure the station and save the galaxy .
  • 06. Warranty Expired - The truce is broken, silence the traitors.
  • 07. Horak's Revenge - The elites are dead, proceed to the top level.
  • 08. The top of the Tower - Break the machine, get to the vehicles.
  • 09. Highway from Hell - Proceed to the landing zone, and don't die.
  • 10. In Flames - Vehicles down,we're gonna have to walk.
  • 11. The LZ - Arrived at the landing zone, but we're not out yet."
  • 12. Michael - To save the others, you know what must be done."
  • 13. Sacrifice

Enemies Edit

The only enemies listed in the instruction manual are Elites, and Horak Exorcists, below is a list of all the enemies encountered and their health.


  • Major Elites: 100
    • Elite Researchers: 75
    • Elite Guards: 150


  • Possessed Forms
    • Major Elites: 200
      • Elite Researchers:175
      • Elite Guards: 250
  • Base Forms
    • Exorcist Forms: 117
  • Soldier Forms
    • Standard: 100
    • Directors: 200
    • Supreme: 300


  • Vermin forms
    • Churipnip: 50
    • Suropnele: 75
  • Intellectual forms
    • Razare: 150
    • Nalarosi: 300

Allies Edit

Your allies in H:TT are more valued in than most Halo Games, here is a list of them.

Named, MajorEdit

Named, MinorEdit


  • Elites Major
    • Researchers: 75
    • Guards: 150

Multiplayer Edit

The multiplayer of the game's levels are all on the planet Ulos, they are organized in alphabetical order below.

Levels Edit

  • 01. LZ - The LZ of the first battle of Ulos' only human participants is now a land mark to Pvt. Michael F. Gomez
  • 02. Liars - The place in the Tower where the elites betrayed their allies is now a lifeless reminder of the carnage that happened so long ago.
  • 03.