The river streams at a rapid pace, soothing and perfect. The sound of lapping water adds a smooth touch to nature’s theme.

Temperature is quite average, your everyday normal rain forest temperature, humid and hot.

The forest’s canopy covers the air above the river, not all of it but only some fragment of its space. The roots of every plants and trees cover the rough earth, all racing to the water. Nature has its own rules; everything for itself.

Night-time is best, where crickets and fireflies are common around. Crickets flying around as mating season has just begun and the fireflies hovering just below the forest canopy, illuminating as bright as the stars in the skies.

The night is bright and no clouds can hide the beauty of it. Perfection as some might say. Others would just compliment on the nice dark view.


In the sky, a Pelican burning bright, forming a fireball around it, moves slowly from space. Black some follows its trail as it plunges down.

A figure appears, almost transparent in a slender human body.

It’s not your fault.

The female voice begins to fade slowly as the last syllable spoken for.

Pieces separate from the fireball, everything coming down from the sky, glowing like the stars, and move as if they were in a floating through the clouds.

It’s not your fault.

The voice repeats itself. Each time, it echoes and becomes paler.

Arriving when you did gave you this moment.

Bits and pieces get closer and closer near the forest, burning brightly like a meteorite and moving at a faster pace

Nature pauses its rhythm and silence arrives. The forest canopy shined by its light and burns at the same time as the object gets closer and closer to the ground.

Survival is your only consequence.

Noises fill the area like a huge shockwave. Several shells and casing of the Pelican came off; dropping to the ground with flames, some lights up the earth while some die by the time it touches the soil.

The Pelican comes down a few yards away from the river. Ground tremor at a small scale, shaking the area wildly.

A loud thunder echoes through the forest, followed by a bright burst of light near the crash area.

Several bits and pieces hit the river but most of them spread around the crash site. A figure splashes into the river in flames from high up, followed by other small matter. The river steams and effervesces.

What happened here….It’s not your fault. Remember that.

Nature continues its music, fireflies occupying the skies again and the river washing away the pieces.

Multiple objects float from the depth, all different sizes. Some are washed to the river’s side while some follow the flow, while others alter the stream.

The figure is wash away to the bank, face down as if it were dead. Only the hard abdomen is visible and the arms stretching out. The legs are still in the water.

Can you?

An image of a person, short hair, face is to pale to describe with nothing more of a shadow concealing, dying away into the darkness.

The voice echoes through the forest, fading away into the darkness.

The figure twitched, moving its metal gauntlet, then the arms and later on tried getting up, slowly. Gel layer was activated, too strong for any motion.

Unable to stand up, he slumps back into the mud, all body covered with grime, breathing slowly through the dirt.

He crawls slowly, dragging his legs towards it. With his back against the bark and hands on the mud, he looks up, watching the sky.


Stars. The beauty and magnificence of the world. All his actions and sacrifices will be worthwhile for the world.

For the safety of the human race.

For the UNSC.

Most of all, for his friends…

His vision blurs as he gazes upon it.

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