“Do you remember the thing you said during our first encounter? I will always be right by your side, even journey through the fury of hell… Can you still keep that promise?"

The figure twitches, arms pushing against the tree. It is trying to get up, away from the grime.

One leg by another, the figure manages to stand up. It looks down, and becomes motionless again.

The helmet begins running its systems, applications and external commands.

//Data: Running neu/lleh/S_22005.exe

Running neu/batch.tts/ops2?10M
Running neu/lleh/C219mm.aud
Running ori/NCM/Or10n 9r0G4M.exe
Running ori/NCM/apply.exe

The figure looks at the rising sun. The faceplate within the helmet polarizes as the sun’s shines. The figure says only a word: “Hope...”

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