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Can you make a promise? Are you willing to hold to it, never speak of it and keep it with you until the time comes? Such secrets were meant to be shared but you, Spartan, you do know how to keep a secret. Can you?

The Next War
After the Spartan graduation in 2525, a total of five teams were formed; the famous Blue Team, the second to none Green Team, the largest of all Red Team, the ambiguous Omega Team, and the enigmatic Gray Team. This story will be based on one of them, revealing the lost tale of the

What would you do when all fails? Would you cry over the lost ones or would you fight, continuing the suffering you could not bear? Choices exist in all of us but you, Spartan, you have none of them. You have no future, no freewill, no soul. You're just an empty shell, drive by orders of those who were not worthy.


Do not be lost. Two hands clapped and a sound is made. That will lead you to the end. With the knight away and the monsters at rest, they will still need you. You're never lost, just in another place.

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