Halo was a game released for the Gameboy Color in 1998. It never made it to the shelves, but can be downloaded on various sites.

Story Edit

It is the year 2552 and mankind has allied against an alien covenant. They threaten to locate earth and destroy it. Now, they have attacked the planet of Reach. If they take over the base, they will find Earth. You are a Spartan-II super soldier, and you must use your given talents and strengths to defeat the covenant empire. Journey forth, stop the covenant from taking over the base.



  • Grunt (All grunts have 5 health points)
  • Grunt Major (Grunt majors have 10 health points)
  • Jackal (Jackals have 50 health points including shields)
  • Elite (Elites have 50 health points including shields)
  • Elite Zealot (Elite Zealots have the same health as Elites but have swords.)
  • Hunter (Hunters have 600 health points, making them nearly invincible.)
  • Flood Creature (Mature flood that have moved on from their host: 50 health.)
  • Flood Larva (Immature flood that have yet to infect: 5 health points.)
  • Flood Elite (Elite flood host: 10 health points.)
  • Flood Human (Human flood host: 10 health points.)
  • Flood Spartan (Infected Spartan: 25 health points.)


  • Anti-Air Gun (This is the gun covenant are using to destroy UNSC ships: 1500 hp.)
  • Spawner (This spawns flood larvae. 3000 hp.)
  • Generator (The generator powering the covenant ship. 6000 hp.)
  • The Mind (The mind behind the flood. 12,000 hp.)
  • Thomas-052 (Thomas has gone rogue, kill him. 25,000 hp.)

Weapons Edit

Below are the following eight weapons found in-game.

  • Assault Rifle (0.5 damage)
  • Shotgun (50 damage)
  • Grenade (50 damage)
  • Rocket Launcher (300 damage)
  • Spartan Laser (6000 damage)
  • Plasma Rifle (1 damage)
  • Plasma Grenade (50 damage)
  • Needler (2 damage)

In game the player is an unknown Spartan. The characters in the game are:

  • Cortana - Super advanced UNSC AI. She aids the Spartan in his missions.
  • Flood Mind - The controlling entity of the flood.
  • Thomas-052 - Your best friend, and excellent sharpshooter.
  • Eugene-064 - The leader of your squad.