Intel Edit

  • Race: Sangheili
  • Height: 8'06"
  • Weight: 339.8 lbs.
  • Rank: Field Master
  • Notable Battles
    • First Battle of Installation 02
    • Second Battle of Installation 02
    • Battle of Sangheilios
    • Battle of Installation 03
    • Battle of Installation 06
    • Battle of Installation 07

General Information Edit

Cores and Abu attended the same War College on High Charity

Physical Edit

Cores is stockier than the average. He is profoundly strong in his legs, but mainly only his legs, and some in his arms aswell. He cannot run as fast as Cote but can run faster than most Elites.

Mental Edit

Most other Elites think Salos is stupid, but he is actually so far beyond standard intelligence that he appears slightly retarded. He uses this intelligence as a superior strategist on the battle field and leads both Minors and Spec Ops Elites.

Trivia Edit

  • Cores is voiced by actor David Scully, who also voices most of the other Elites in the game. He performs Salos' unique voice with a slightly lower pitch.