Intel Edit

  • Race: Sangheili
  • Height: 8'03"
  • Weight: 313.2
  • Rank: Minor
  • Notable Battles
    • First Battle of Installation 02
    • Second Battle of Installation 02
    • Battle of Sangheilios
    • Battle of Installation 03
    • Battle of Installation 06
    • Battle of Installation 07

General Information Edit

Since Abu was a runt, Cojty, being smaller than Abu, was picked on even more. Abu and Cojty befriended each other and strived to join the Sangheili Military. Abu joined first and Cojty 4 years later. Cojty became strong in mainly his arms and abs, this did however not even nearly compare to the strength in Abu's back and legs. Cojty was however faster than Abu, infact, he could outrun almost anyone.

Physical Edit

He is 3 inches and 4 pounds smaller than average. He has a light build, mainly in his arms, abs, and chest. His profession is scouting, running, and spotting.

Mental Edit

When it comes to the mission, he is stoic, like Cores, but more so. He is highly skilled mentally for an Elite Minor Domo.

Trivia Edit

  • Cojty is voiced by actor Gerard Butler.
  • Cojty is one of the first Elites to not be obbsessed with the Energy Sword.
  • Cojty wears teal Assault Armor, whereas most Minors wear blue Combat Armor, this could be possible because he grew up in zero-gee environment or prefers it more.