Ambush is the 4th level in the game, Halo The Covenant.

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  • Starting
    • Beam Rifle
    • Carbine
  • Wieldable
    • Needler
    • Plasma Pistol
    • Plasma Rifle
    • Carbine
    • Spiker
    • Brute Shot
    • Energy Sword
    • Beam Rifle
  • Support
    • Plasma Cannon


  • Drivable
    • None
  • Non-Drivable
    • Phantoms
    • Banshees


  • Loyalists
    • Brutes
      • Brute Infantry
      • Brute Captains
      • Brutes (Jumppack)
      • Brute War Chieftains x4
    • Grunts
      • Grunt Infantry
      • Grunt Kamikazes
    • Jackal
      • Jackal Infantry
      • Jackal Specialists


The level opens Abu and his entourage must then clear an LZ for the Banshees. Once this has been done, Abu and his few get into the Banshees, while the rest get into a Phantom. They then fly around the island to find an Elite and Grunt lance under attack by two War Chieftains and a pack of Brutes. One of the War Chieftains retreat and Abu and his air force kill the remaing Chieftain and his pack. -Follow the lance to the Security Mainframe. -Get into the structure, disable the security systems.