Intel Edit

  • Race: Sangheili
  • Height: 8'04"
  • Weight: 315.2
  • Rank: Special Operations Commander
  • Title of Honor: Light of Sangheilios (Helio)
  • Title of Shame: Mark of Shame (Shamed One)
  • Notable Battles
    • First Battle of Earth - Minor
    • Second Battle of Earth - Major
    • Battle of Installation 00 - Ultra
    • First Battle of Installation 02 - Spec Ops Officer
    • Second Battle of Installation 02 - Spec Ops Commander
    • Battle of Sangheilios - Spec Ops Commander
    • Battle of Installation 03 - Spec Ops Commander
    • Battle of Installation 06 - Spec Ops Commander
    • Battle of Installation 07 - Spec Ops Commander

General Information Edit

Abu 'Arian was growing up at the time the Brutes joined the Covenant. He instantly hated them when he was defeated during training by a Brute named Hankus, where he humiliated all of the Sangheili in his class. He was often considered 'the runt', being smaller and skinnier than an average sized Elite. He graduated from the war college before the Great Schism. He has fought in many battles, such as the First and Second Battles of Earth, Battle of Installation 00, and the First and Second Battles of Installation 02. His greatest victory was at the Battle of Sangheilios, when he destroyed the ship UNSC Fall From Grace's generators, which destroyed the city of Prime. He currently aids the Fleets of Retributions and Zealous Affairs in the Battles of Installation 03, 06, and is hunting for Brute Councilor and Covenant Hierarch Boagrius at Installation 07.

Physical Edit

Abu 'Arian is 8'04" and weighs approx. 315.2 lbs, meaning he is slightly underweight, and slightly shorter than an average Elite. He is alot stronger than he looks, he has well built legs, lower back, and upper thorax muscles, mainly built for lifting and pushing.

Mental Edit

Abu 'Arian has suffered traumatic abuse during his younger years, mainly from his peers. He developed anger issues as he grew older. His instructors noted this could cause danger to his allies during battle, so they helped him reduce its effects. This was only temporary, as he still has uncontrollable outbursts and fits of anger when he sustains too much mental or physical damage.

Trivia Edit

  • Abu 'Arian is voiced by actor Vin Diesel
  • In Halo The Covenant his armor is white, but in Halo The Forerunner it is sapphire, why this is, is unknown.
  • Abu's state that he enters when he has low shields increases his speed and melee damage by a hair.
  • Abu is one of the first Elites to not be obsessed with the Energy Sword.